The word FROM speaks billions of the origins underlining the importance of careful manufacturing by people who love and believe in what they do. For this first collection, produced exclusively in italy, we have sourced a selection of suppliers who manufacture the diversity of large and small components with the utmost quality needed to assemble our lamps. The area surrounding Venice is famous for its numerous production sites, where craftsmen have a long tradition of forging design objects. With our collection we challenge this tradition infusing it with a contemporary approach of designing objects for modern living. Together with the photographer Daniel Delang we visited just a few of the people involved in making our lamps shine.

Picture top and left: Powder coating of an Aspect lamp. A dry powder is applied in an electrostatic process. Later the coat is cured under heat. Mustafa is using that process to finish our products with a surface that is tougher than conventional liquid paint.

Picture bottom: With a hands on approach we develop ideas and concepts for LED lamps in house.

Picture top: Armando with a raw version of the Aspect lamp. We combine modern laser cutting technology with the bending of steel profiles. The minimalistic shape of this lamp requires a perfect execution of the design in every detail.

Picture on the top: Altin is carefully polishing the mirrored version of the Aspect lamp by hand. 

Picture on the right: Massimo with the finished product. Producing it out of stainless steel we increase durability and achieve a maximum of perfection.

Picture on the right: Oriano became a good friend and is often one of the first involved in building prototypes out of metal.

Picture on the left: Francesca is responsible for the coordination of the assembling process. All our products are assembled carefully and tested thoroughly to ensure a long life span and to meet high safety standards. 

Next pictures: Paolo is the electronic engineer bringing up to date technology into our lamps.His focus lies on the use of energy saving technology and high lighting efficiency. Our times lamp is charged via USB and lights up to seven hours. A pcb printing machine adding LEDs of highest quality onto our circuit boards. Also this part of our manufacturing is realized in Italy.


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